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Monday, February 17
Meet Grace Liang, author of “Finding Grace – How to Navigate the Journey from Tragedy to Triumph”

3:00pm – 5pm

Author, speaker, coach and influencer Grace Liang will make a special appearance at 3 Daughters. Shell discuss and sign her inspirational book, “Finding Grace – How to Navigate the Journey from Tragedy to Triumph.” The book ranked #1 on Amazon in the Energy Healing category when it debuted in January 2020. 

In her book, Grace shares how she turned her life around from a setback to a comeback and from impossible to “I’m possible.” Raw and courageous, she rose from the pain of being widowed and placed herself on the road to finding life’s purpose, self-empowerment, and true independence. In the begining of her grieving jourey, she simply wanted to survive. Then, her mindset shifted, and she understood she was not just going to survive but really be okay. Starting with a change in attitude and behavior, this shift in perspective created completely different experiences and outcomes for Grace. As she will explain, “I am not better, braver, wiser, or stronger than anyone else. I simply believe that no person or thing can stop me from making the best in life.”

At her company, Color and Grace, Grace transforms people by removing trapped emotions and limiting beliefs. Don’t miss this inspiring discussion! The event fee is $21.95 and includes a signed copy of Grace’s book. Tickers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve your spot by calling the store at 508-747-3330.